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「Taster 美食加」是你最關心的美食資訊提供者。

Liz 高琹雯 創辦人 

「Taster 美食加」是 Liz 高琹雯 在 2018 年成立的美食垂直媒體,將擴大發揮她在「美食家的自學之路 Self-taught Gourmet」累積的經驗。「美食加」因此是美食家的延伸,希望用美食的加法把人與美好的事物串連起來。

Liz 擁有法律人的完整履歷,一度以為自己會在國際大型律師事務所終老,卻發現自己的專長在於「吃」-尋吃、品吃、寫吃。熱衷於一切與飲食相關的事物。「美食家的自學之路 Self-taught Gourmet」部落格格主,著有《我的日式食物櫃》,作品散見於各大媒體 。Louis Vuitton Taipei City Guide 顧問;2016 Taiwan Design Best 100 「最佳藝文設計服務平台」得主。

Become a Taster

Taster is a community for all the food lovers. Food is our most important identity. We are here to fix your food cravings and feed you with food for thought. Here you will find news headlines of the culinary industry, insightful opinions from talented writers, as well as expert bucket lists covering the things we love.  

Join us and become a Taster!

Liz Kao Founder

Liz Kao started her food blog, Self-taught Gourmet, back in 2011 while she was still working as a lawyer. She then quit her job at BigLaw and became fully dedicated to food writing, covering culinary events and dining experiences around the globe. With Self-taught Gourmet, Liz won 2016 Taiwan Design Best 100 “Best Platform for Art and Design.” She is also one of the contributors to Louis Vuitton Taipei City Guide.

Liz has now taken the experiences to the next level. Taster is her new endeavor and she wishes to share her passion for food with a larger audience.