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「Taster 美食加」是你最關心的美食資訊提供者。

除了各種美食消息與專題以外,我們在2019 年,Taster 美食加推出的第一款自有商品-「伊莉莎白辣醬」。源自2013年那款以「可以吃的辣油」為基礎,推出了「伊莉莎白辣醬」。我們也將持續推出不同的自有產品或是嚴選商品,請大家持續關注我們!

如果你想跟 Taster 美食加合作,請前往此處了解更多訊息。

Liz 高琹雯 創辦人 

Liz 高琹雯,擁有法律人的完整履歷,卻不想當法律人的貪吃鬼。台大法律系畢,曾至哈佛法學院攻讀法律碩士,一度以為自己會在國際大型律師事務所終老,卻發現自己的專長在於「吃」-尋吃、品吃、寫吃。熱衷於一切與飲食相關的事物。「Taster 美食加」創辦人,「美食家的自學之路」部落格格主,著有《我的日式食物櫃》、《Liz 關鍵詞:美食家的自學之路與口袋名單》,作品散見於各大媒體 。Louis Vuitton Taipei City Guide 顧問;2016 Taiwan Design Best 100 「最佳藝文設計服務平台」得主;2019 Asia Tatler Generation T. 入選者;La Vie「2021台灣創意力100」獎得主;2021 第一、2022 第二屆 500盤評審;2022 style master 怪物職人得主。

2011年 Liz 成立「美食家的自學之路 Self-taught Gourmet」部落格,持續撰寫國際餐飲趨勢、名廚專訪、fine dining 用餐體驗,時常穿梭於世界五十最佳餐廳、亞洲五十最佳餐廳、米其林的採訪現場,也不斷踏上尋覓頂級美食的旅程。2018年 Liz 創辦「Taster 美食加」,從部落格升級為美食垂直媒體,以專業的美食資訊提供者為目標,希望用美食的加法把人與美好的事物串連起來。2019年4月 Liz 出版《Liz 關鍵詞:美食家的自學之路與口袋名單》一書,乃其過去多年美食寫作的階段性總結,耙梳 foodie 脈絡、fine dining 發展、餐飲評鑑的意義,最後歸結到與台灣的關係,引起熱烈迴響。2020年 Liz 創辦電商平台「美食加選物」、成立 Podcast 節目「美食關鍵詞」、2022年開始經營 Youtube 頻道「Liz 美食家」,期許創造更多美好生活的想像。

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Taster is a community for all the food lovers. Food is our most important identity. We are here to fix your food cravings and feed you with food for thought. Here you will find news headlines of the culinary industry, insightful opinions from talented writers, as well as expert bucket lists covering the things we love.  

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Liz Kao Founder

Liz Kao is one of the most trusted food critics in Taiwan. Once a practicing lawyer, Liz combines her logical thinking and passion for food into a unique style of food writing, documenting the growth and development of Taiwan’s dining scene in the past decade. She has interviewed many great chefs in the world and frequently visits important culinary events including the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Michelin Guide launches and more.

Known as “Self-taught Gourmet” in social media platforms, Liz’s work is widely read and respected by the F&B industry in Taiwan; her website “Taster” is one of the few online media in Taiwan that dedicates to food and dining. Her book “Liz’s Keywords,” which explains foodie culture, fine dining, culinary guides and Taiwan’s food scene, has gained wide recognition and is considered a “textbook” for food lovers. In 2020, Liz founded an e-commerce platform “Taster Selection,” which further expands her reach from content to merchandise.

Liz is one of the contributors to Louis Vuitton Taipei City Guide; she also won 2016 Taiwan Design Best 100 “Best Platform for Art and Design”, and is recently listed among 2019 Asia Tatler Generation T.